Team Management

Team Management


Team Management

„True, I am young, but for souls nobly born valor doesn’t await the passing of years.“

— Pierre Corneille, Le Cid (1636)


Our values are not only for the world: we live them from the inside and they have a strong impact on how our teams are managed. If you envisage applying at Biorius, welcome, this section is for you! Please, pay attention to what follows: if our lifestyle sounds fantastic to you, then we look forward to speaking with you!


Granted, having the right degree can be very important sometimes!

Sure, professional experience only helps!

… but attitude is everything and is the trigger of every single recruitment decision at Biorius.



What empowerment means: Empowerment is the concept of recognizing and using the resources of everyone in an organization, and helping people work with power. We believe that people are happier and do a better job when they receive more freedom to make an impact within the organization. We believe that the best plan is always to avoid top-down decisions and that there is always a way to achieve this plan with talented people.

  • Here is what we value at Biorius before everything else: can-do attitude, positive spirit, openness to feedback, sense of initiative, and research for continued improvement.
  • People at Biorius develop a strong ownership for their mission and objectives to reach. They are not told what they must do: they receive guidance, feedback and are challenged to help them grow. They are committed and make good use of their humanism, intelligence, dedication, and aspiration to create the best impact impossible. Managers are there to offer their support and give whatever needed to help team members succeed.
  • People at Biorius who reach their objectives and go the extra mile are recognized in their accomplishment and rewarded.




Another consequence of applying our values is the importance paid to serenity at work. Good working conditions are required to feel engaged and have the right peace of mind to stay focused. Serenity is before everything else respect and friendliness among all of us.


It is also for us a two-sided sense of flexibility because kindness and comprehension are reciprocal: Biorius does its best to facilitate the life of its members and accommodate their constraints and needs by offering them an enhanced freedom to organize their working time. Likewise, Biorius relies on its employees when a call must be taken a bit late or when complicated deadlines put the organization under pressure.


Last but not least, we, at Biorius, have a deep and longstanding commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in business, in society, and within our firm. Every talented people who like being challenged and wants to develop is welcomed in our company!


You think that Biorius might be a good place for you to grow and foster your development? Please, check our careers page.