Natural and Organic Certifications

Since the late 2000s, following a series of reports on the alleged dangers of cosmetics, consumers have shown renewed interest in products of natural and organic origin. Biorius developed Natural and Organic Certifications therefore.

In 2016 alone, the global market for organic and natural cosmetics accounted for more than 11 billion euros; roughly 5.5% of the cosmetics market, with this figure expected to double by 2024.

In an industry that is constantly growing and evolving, being able to rapidly adapt to market changes and consumer demands is crucial. In recent years there has been a sharp increase in beauty brands now choosing to have their products certified as natural or organic.

In a world where people want to get back to nature, more and more consumers are in search of natural and authentic products, resulting in an increasing number of requests for ingredients from natural sources.

Nowadays, products certified as natural/organic are at an advantage as they give consumers the option of being able to make well-informed choices about the products they choose to buy and use.

Natural / Organic certification criteria

Within these certifications’ framework, BIORIUS bases its evaluation criteria on the globally recognised ISO norm 16128.

Our experts assess the raw materials’ documentation and, based on their analysis, determine the percentage of natural or organic ingredients in your final product.

If this percentage is high enough, then the product can be certified as natural or organic and you will receive the certificate and the corresponding BIORIUS’ logo which can be used on your product labels.

Natural certification criteria

Minimum 90% of natural origin ingredients

Organic certification criteria
  1. Minimum 95% of the natural ingredients must come from organic farming.
  2. Minimum 20% of the total ingredients must come from organic farming (for leave-on products)
  3. For rinse-off, aqueous, non-emulsified products with more than 80% being minerals or mineral origin, the content of organic ingredients must be > 10%.

Certifications logos and validity

By fulfilling the Natural or Organic certification, the brand receives the right to use the BIORIUS’ Natural or Organic logo on the label of the certified cosmetic products.

The Natural and Organic certifications remain valid as long as the composition of the product does not change. However, if the composition does change then the product will have to be audited to ensure that it still complies with the original certification.

Some brands that chose our certifications:

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