Global Label Review

Cosmetic Label review

Global Label Review

Global Label Review

Cosmetic Label review: a great deal of attention should be paid to mandatory consumer information and marketing communications. Each country comes with its own legal requirements and a claim totally acceptable in one country may lead to serious compliance issues in another. When the intent is to develop a product with a high internationalization potential, the best approach is probably to align marketing needs and regulatory obligations at an early stage.

Our Cosmetic labels services allow a cosmetics brand to review its artworks for several regions/countries at once. Our experts in international regulations examine the product identity, every element to be labeled according to the relevant pieces of legislation, and the marketing communications.

When several countries/regions are targeted, our regulatory experts can often prepare an INCI list that simultaneously complies with all relevant pieces of legislation.

Global Label Check:

The Global Label Check consists of a rapid regulatory review of the product
for the desired region(s)

For the primary label, secondary label and leaflet:

  • Evaluation of the mandatory consumer information
  • Evaluation of the marketing communication





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Global Label Review:

The Global Label Review is a more comprehensive option that includes additional verifications.

For the primary label, secondary label and leaflet:

  • Evaluation of the mandatory consumer information
  • Evaluation of the marketing communication and validation of tests used to substantiate claims
  • Advanced recommendations to update problematic claims without changing the original meaning
  • Creation of the list of ingredients (in the required format for each country)
  • Verification of warnings and directions for use

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As specialists in cosmetic Regulations for more than 15 years, Biorius offers a reliable turnkey solution for placing cosmetic products in various markets:

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  • We evaluated more than 100,000 products and never had any compliance issues (fines, withdrawals from the market, etc.) in 15 years of existence.

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