Biorius Group is Aware of its Environmental Responsibility

BIORIUS is committed to positively impact the world by acting on the environment. Practically speaking, it means to work hand-in-hand with Graine de Vie, a serious non-governmental organization that works hard to reforest Madagascar and other African countries.

According to a peer-reviewed scientific study, planting trees is the best way to absorb carbon emissions and fight the global warming. Actually, every human being should plant 250 trees to compensate their annual carbon emission. BIORIUS decided to go the extra mile and compensate much more than what it releases in the atmosphere via its activities and the daily life of its staff. Via its strong partnership with Graine de Vie, it is 130 000 trees that BIORIUS planted since 2020.

Biorius Nursery

Powered by Graine de Vie, a BIORIUS tree nursery was created in Madagascar in 2020. Via this site and other initiatives, BIORIUS planted 20 000 trees in 2020, 30 000 trees in 2021 and even increased its commitment to 80 000 trees to be planted in 2022 !

BIORIUS is grateful to all of its clients who, by their choice, help human activities to become progressively more sustainable.

BIORIUS Involvement in 2022

In 2021, BIORIUS received financial compensations from cosmetic brands using the BIORIUS logo in their labels in an illegal way.

BIORIUS decided to give all these financial compensations to Graine de Vie in order to improve his commitment to the planet.

In 2022, these compensations will be used to carry out a reforestation project in the Makay massif in Madagascar by setting up tree nurseries in 3 peripheral communes thus increasing the food and financial resources of local communities.

Graine de Vie Partnership

Graine de vie is a wonderful organization, contributing to a better world by its
influence on these three important pillars:


Via its nursery, BIORIUS contributes significantly to the development of the local economy in Madagascar:

  • Local workers are employed to manage the nursery and the plantation.
  • Sustainably planting cash crops help to develop the local market by selling fruits, essential oils, coffee, and building materials from the BIORIUS trees.
  • The biodiversity of trees also enhances the country’s tourist attractiveness thanks to the plantation of more than 131 different species.


Moreover, the BIORIUS nursery has a positive impact on the community of Madagascar on the social side:

  • Graine de Vie offers trainings to local communities about the plantation and helps women into the integration of the labor market.
  • Graine de Vie raises awareness in schools and villages to enhance the education of more than 20,000 children per year about environmental preservation.
  • The creation of a water well in the village to irrigate the nursery is also used by the local community to have clean water.


Last but not least, the nursery has a positive
environmental impact:

  • Primary forest and wildlife recovery.
  • Total compensation of BIORIUS carbon emissions and partial compensation for BIORIUS clients.
  • Air quality improvement thanks to the oxygen production from trees.

How Are You Involved in the Process?

Choosing BIORIUS services involves you and your company in the creation of a better world and help you
to compensate a part of your carbon emissions!

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