Biorius App

Biorius App: The Regulatory Software

Why BIORIUS as a Regulatory Strategic Partner?

Importing to a new market, getting cosmetics certifications, developing a new ingredient or a new product… every new project is subject to numerous regulatory obligations throughout the world.

At BIORIUS, we understand that compliance issues or the legal watch can be a burden because you can be focused on your primary goal, ensure the success of your business, or because you are running out of time.

We believe that our missions are dual:

  • Reducing the time-to-market of your cosmetic products
  • Alleviating the regulatory burden of your teams

We help you grow safely and durably by getting rid of any regulatory threat that could impact your brand’s profitability and reputational capital, thanks to our turnkey premium solutions.

Your business deserves effective and flawless solutions in this ever-evolving world.

In order to meet those needs, we have developed a whole new regulatory software, truly designed for you: THE BIORIUS APP!

BIORIUS App has been carefully made to serve you at best, in accordance with our values and our customer approach.

On top of that, we are thrilled to inform you that more modules will be added in the future!

Electronic Document Management

Electronic Document Management

The use of the “Data Exchange” module is unlimited and free of charge to all our clients. Beyond exchanging data with Biorius, you will see that this system is a real Electronic Document Management system for your products and raw materials.

Though BIORIUS App is super user-friendly, you will receive training material to guide you through the IT tool. Furthermore, your dedicated CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) will gladly organize a meeting with you in order to show you the main features of the BIORIUS App if necessary.

KEY FEATURES of this Compliance Regulatory Software

UX & UI Design

The new app follows a much nicer structure: you will be able to create products by yourself and each one will receive the services that you order. These services will then hold your files and data.

Files Management

Files will be handled much more efficiently and BIORIUS will never again ask for documents that have already been loaded!

Not only will massive drag & drop be made available, but you will also be able to enter the product formulae by simply uploading an Excel spreadsheet! Soon, and among other scheduled improvements, more time will be saved thanks to the following functionalities:

  • Link your own IT system to  BIORIUS App for a seamless and hassle-free flow of data between you and us.
  • Use BIORIUS’ validated catalog of raw materials: no longer needed to provide documentation for these raw materials!
  • Enter the product formulae via the upload of an Excel spreadsheet, not only in raw materials but also in ingredients.

Project Management

Following up with your tasks and messages will be much more effective and professional. You will regularly receive email reminders with the tasks that are pending on your end.

Last but not least, you will lead the reviewing process! Once you have submitted all data, push a button and our experts automatically get the task in their planning!


Nowadays, cybersecurity is a key requisite for all companies, especially those dealing with very confidential information like yours: BIORIUS App is very secure by design, and you will now log into the app using a two-factor authentication system.

  • The whole BIORIUS team is looking forward to partnering with your company.

  • Please contact your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) for any questions that you may have.