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Your expert in Cosmetic Regulation

For over 13 years, BIORIUS has been supporting and helping cosmetics companies navigate the various regulatory challenges that can arise when placing a product on the market. Thanks to our team’s regulatory and toxicological expertise, BIORIUS assists thousands of cosmetics brands with the evaluation of ingredients and ensures regulatory compliance of their end products.

BIORIUS offers a wide range of services from regulatory consultancy and certifications to fulfilling the role of Responsible Person and the registration of cosmetic products in over 60 countries around the world.

In order to provide high-quality services and reports, BIORIUS is continuously evolving and bringing various fields of expertise together, such as toxicology, cosmetology, chemistry, pharmacology, project management, linguistics, biochemistry, and regulatory affairs.

Moreover, BIORIUS decided to expand its scientific knowledge and regulatory expertise in the chemical and Medical Devices field.



medical devicesMEDICAL DEVICES

A team of specialists in the cosmetics industry

BIORIUS is a multicultural and dynamic company employing more than 50 industry specialists. Our experts have the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure the compliance of your cosmetics products in various markets.

Our scientific and regulatory experts have advanced experience in regulatory affairs, pharmacology, and chemistry, while our toxicologists are technical experts who ensure the safety of ingredients and end products while practicing cosmetovigilance.

Our account managers are familiar with cosmetic regulations and facilitate the regulatory process through their multilingual skills and great sense of empathy for each brand. They’re international cosmetics market specialists and continuously assist cosmetics brands in meeting both their marketing goals and regulatory compliance.

Together, our team has built up an impressive client portfolio and has a strong network within the cosmetics industry. The cohesion and variety of our capabilities make BIORIUS a key industry player.

To ensure a good quality service every customer has :

A dedicated Account Manager being
your single point of contact
and ensuring the follow-up of your projects

A team of scientific and regulatory experts
dealing with the technical subjects

The BIORIUS Group: Five entities for high-quality service

biorius group

At BIORIUS, five entities work together to deliver a high-quality and efficient service. Our head office is located in Wavre, Belgium. Two additional entities are located in France: the first is a center of expertise located in Toulouse; the second (CERT) is in Saint-Malo and is active in the cosmetics, medical device, and detergent sectors.

BIORIUS has also established a subsidiary in the United Kingdom. As such, we can help cosmetic brands with the BREXIT situation by supporting regulatory compliance on both sides of the Channel.

Our fifth entity is a subsidiary in Luxemburg which makes it easy to conduct business with local agents.


You create dreams, we protect them

With its team of more than 50 experts, BIORIUS is the solution you need to ensure that your cosmetic ingredients and products can be safely placed on the market.

Our mission is simple: To protect cosmetic products and brands by ensuring their safety for consumers and their compliance with international regulations.




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