Our Values

Humanism, Intelligence, Dedication, Aspiration

We believe that without our specific set of values, grouped into four pillars, Biorius could not be as aspirational and successful as it stands right now. On this page, you will find a short description of how we see the world in our group and how 12 corporate values shaped our entire organization.




Everything starts with this and explains why we get up every morning and go to work. Humanism at Biorius is many things: it is a kind word, a good joke, a thoughtful coffee break with a colleague. More concretely, this means to us:


  • A sense of empathy: Placing oneself in another’s shoes is a fantastic and very human thing that promotes positive attitudes and usually circles back to us.


  • A sense of benevolence: Everyone needs help at some point and is happy to get guidance and comfort. Feedback here is always given with the true intent to support improvement.


  • A sense of availability: Availability to others is a sign that we care about them and pay attention to their needs. Not only because this is a duty when we work together, but also because we are a team that succeeds or fails together.



Humanism is the foundation of our spirit, but humanism is not enough to get our daily job done. Intelligence, in everything we do, is what makes the difference.


  • A sense of adaptability: Almost by definition, intelligence is a strong ability to adapt oneself to a changing situation. Like chameleons who succeed in life by analyzing their environment constantly and by working on themselves to adapt to new conditions.


  • A sense of curiosity: The driver, the engine of this adaptation capacity is curiosity. Curiosity is the motor of everything and what makes us progress at the end of the day. Einstein himself claimed to have very normal aptitudes and only an abnormal sense of curiosity to make the difference with other people.


  • A sense of creativity: The ability to find a functional solution to complex issues is our wealth. In some companies, they only have hammers and, therefore, they make their clients believe that every problem is a nail… Biorius is not such a company, we do have a full toolbox and we know how to combine them successfully.




There is no true expertise without dedication because dedication is what makes intelligence consistently applied, day after day. Not only the morning, not only the afternoon, not only at the first item but also at the tenth one.


  • A sense of responsibility: What is dedication? This is actually and before everything ownership for everything that we do. Feeling deeply responsible both for achievements and failures is a necessary first step for anyone working at Biorius.


  • A sense of accuracy: Responsibility makes us want to double-check because we feel concerned, and this leads to accuracy. The image of an atomic clock is a bit extreme, granted, but almost everything we do in at Biorius is sensitive and requires due care.


  • A sense of perfectionism: Constant accuracy leads to perfectionism… and we all know that perfectionism is the extra thing that makes the difference between a leader and a follower.




Humanism, intelligence, and dedication draw a beautiful picture, but this picture is static, it does not move. To make it become a movie, to give the impulse allowing us to go further, we all need aspiration.


  • A strong will: The will to get better, to learn from the world, and to protect the people and the environment. Can-do attitude is a key value that we favor and appreciate among all the others. Along with curiosity, it always leads to exceptional outcomes.


  • A stainless enthusiasm: The enthusiasm to tackle new challenges and learn new things, to think about issues never fixed before. This is the special ability of children to see the world bright and full of colors that we want to celebrate here.


  • A sense of initiative: At the crossroad of humanism, intelligence, and dedication, this is the mental agility to think proactively and develop creative solutions to complex issues.



At Biorius, we believe that collective success does not result from the addition, but from the product of these values. This means that the absence of one of them is enough to move from excellence to low performance.

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