For more than 10 years, BIORIUS Group has been supporting companies to face the different regulatory challenges related to the cosmetic sector. Thanks to its regulatory and toxicological expertise, our team is assisting thousands of cosmetic companies with their ingredients evaluation and regulatory compliance of their finished products.

BIORIUS is offering a range of services going from the regulatory consultancy to the cosmetic products registration files in several countries around the world.

In order to provide high quality services and reports, BIORIUS Group is continuously growing in order to bring various and complementary fields of expertise together such as toxicology, cosmetology, chemistry, pharmacy, project management, linguistics, biochemistry, regulatory affairs and IT.

With its team made of more than 30 experts, BIORIUS is the solution you need to ensure your cosmetic ingredients and products can be placed on the market.

BIORIUS is the exclusive partner of the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors Association (ICMAD). This company created in 1974 provides assistance to cosmetic companies around the world and help them to grow their business. Together, BIORIUS and the ICMAD have developed the EU Program to help ICMAD members to comply with the requirements of the EU’s cosmetic legislation.

BIORIUS Group, 5 entities for a qualitative service

Within BIORIUS Group, five entities liaise with each others and work together in order to deliver a qualitative and efficient service.
BIORIUS’ head office is located in Belgium, but the group has other offices within the EU.
Two entities are in France: one of them is located in Toulouse and is a center of expertise. With the same function, the second entity, called CERT, is active in the cosmetic sector but also in the medical devices and detergents sectors.
BIORIUS Group also created a subsidiary in the United Kingdom in order to help the cosmetic brands to face the BREXIT situation. We can therefore support you better on the regulatory compliance on both sides of the Channel and take on the role of the Responsible Person within the UK.
Finally, BIORIUS Group also established a subsidiary in Luxemburg in order to make the business easier with the local agents.

Why would you choose BIORIUS?


BIORIUS group engages to provide high quality services. To achieve it, BIORIUS employs multilingual and high qualified staff and provides clear and precise procedures. Providing a qualitative service is for us a way to ensure that consumers will use safe products.


BIORIUS Group wants to stay close to its customers and wants to set up a perennial professional relationship. Each customer deserves an efficient and quick service. To achieve it, a specific Account Manager has been dedicated to each client. In this way, each client has a single contact person who easily answers all questions and accompanies him during the whole regulatory process.

Innovation and continuous improvement

The cosmetic industry is by nature in permanent research of innovation. At BIORIUS, we are perfectly conscient about it and are permanently seeking from innovative ways allowing the compliance of cosmetic products. Innovation is the key word in the company and we are continuously investing in order to provide a qualitative, quick and quick expertise service at the cutting-edge of technological progess.


The professional ethic and respect of confidentiality are two major aspects within the cosmetic industry. BIORIUS is implementing solutions on an in-house basis in order to ensure the security of the client’s data (confidential or not).