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DGCCRF France 2023 - Cosmetics compliance campaigns in the European Union

CPNP Meaning: Decoding the CPNP Notification Portal

A CPNP notification is the act of informing Europe that you are going to sell a cosmetic product on the European market.

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New cosmetic regulation

New cosmetic regulation on Vitamin A, Alpha-Arbutin, Arbutin and potential endocrine disruptors

BIORIUS Information Letter 127 (follow-up of information letter 117): Commission Regulation (EU) 2024/996, as regards the use of Vitamin A, Alpha-Arbutin, Arbutin and certain substances…

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Nanomaterials future ban

Nanomaterials future ban – important update

Nanomaterials future ban: the draft EU Regulation related to the ban of some nanomaterial ingredients in cosmetics described in IL-093 has been updated. The following…

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MoCRA US Agent

Responsible Person in USA

BIORIUS International Information Letter 006: Clarification regarding the definition of a Responsible Person in USA Responsible Person in USA: in our previous article regarding the…

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How to create a cosmetic label suitable for multiple countries

Create a cosmetic label suitable for multiple countries

Navigating cosmetics European and International Markets To create a cosmetic label suitable for multiple countries can be a challenging task due to varying regulations and…

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Compliance Requirements in Australia and Europe

With this article, we will detail the regulations in Europe and Australia: necessary requirements to have compliant products.

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Modernisation de la Réglementation des Cosmétiques (MoCRA) aux USA

USA Modernization of Cosmetic Regulation Act (MoCRA)

On December 29th, 2022, the biggest amendment of the U.S. Cosmetic Regulation since 1938 has been enacted. The publication of the Modernization of Cosmetic Regulation…

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clean certification for cosmetics

Cosmetics clean certification

How can clean cosmetic brands substantiate environmental claims What we call “clean beauty” has been a major trend for these past few years, and the…

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Cosme week Tokyo and Osaka

Our participation to Cosme Week Tokyo and Osaka 2022/2023

Cosmetics trade fairs in Japan BIORIUS has Belgian roots but truly is an international company at heart. Participation to COSME WEEK TOKYO/OSAKA, American management school,…

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