Beauty Trends 2022

Without a doubt, 2021 was a very difficult year. Who would have thought that the global Covid-19 pandemic would still be impacting people’s lives the way it has this year, even after the vaccine? Shops, schools, offices, theatres, and boarders reopened sporadically throughout the course of the year only to have to close their doors once again, albeit with lesser restrictions. People also found themselves hoping not to be “locked” in their homes again, which by now have become offices, gyms, schools, playgrounds, restaurants.

Increasingly important problems such as climate change and the various possibilities to avoid the worst were also tackled in 2021. These are daily challenges that each of us faces and of which most people are trying to do their best to respect Mother Earth, which is more endangered than ever.

In short, it’s been a complicated year, with many difficulties and threats to our psycho-physical equilibrium… but we, in the beauty sector, always know how to reinvent ourselves and renew, while keeping calm and carrying on and this year was no exception.

Opportunities in the Cosmetics Industry for 2022

To bring a bit of zest to the final chapter of December 2021, I would like to share with you what the beauty trends might be for this coming year, with the hope that it will be a brilliant 2022 for everyone.

Challenges of E-commerce for Cosmetic Products

Indeed in 2021 people have spent a lot of time at home behind computer screens: thankfully all the e-commerce sites have allowed us and will continue to allow us, to buy all the cosmetics that we could have ever dreamed of but many people this year may have only used these cosmetics during online meetings or during a face-to-face dinner with themselves.

But what about those who prefer to try before they buy? Well, this was indeed a challenge for many, but thanks to new apps and artificial intelligence one that was easily overcome. Now people can easily see if that lipstick shade, they would have otherwise never dared to buy without trying it first, suits them. Without a shadow of a doubt, virtual influencers and 3D avatars also helped, and give valuable advice making it easy to cross the threshold between the real and digital worlds.

Beauty Trends 2022: “Customized” Cosmetics

“Customized” cosmetics will also play a major role throughout 2022. 2021 made it difficult for people to go to beauty salons or hairdressers but thanks to a simple online questionnaire, people’s chosen brands can now help them with the perfect cosmetics for their skin type or hair type while being able to take into account the particular characteristics, such as lifestyle and diet or frequency of use, of each person.

Inclusive Beauty and Sustainable Cosmetics

Brands have also started more and more to take into account Inclusive Beauty, which has no gender, age, color or skin type identity. Where previously brands focused primarily on products for young, fair-skinned women, they are now focusing on meeting the needs of everyone. As consumers demand more options, in product ranges such as male personal care, gender-neutral and LGBTQ+ friendly cosmetics, skincare for people of color, children, Gen Z and more, brands finally have an interest and incentive to target areas that the beauty industry has unfortunately traditionally left behind.

Another interesting trend, which we have seen emerge and grow, is Beauty that brings joy and positive escapism. The colors are bright and vibrant, with their purpose being to alleviate the “sadness” that this period has made people feel.

Many people have also opted for neutral colors or even no make-up at all, favoring a daily skincare routine which, without a shadow of a doubt, leads to beautiful skin which in turn can improve self-esteem and self-acceptance, even without make-up.

And for people who may be short on time and need a fast beauty fix to suit their busy, multitasking lifestyles there are also functional and multi-purpose cosmetics, blush, and/or lipstick that can also be used as an eyeshadow or a foundation with already incorporated nourishing cream.

Finally, I would also like to highlight the trend towards green, clean, natural, organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly Beauty.

Many people now prefer certified natural, organic, and/or vegan brands with ecological and recyclable packaging: not harmful to the environment and with a minimal carbon footprint so as not to further burden climate change and environmental problems.

For more information on our cosmetic certifications, such as Clean Beauty, Natural and Organic, Reef-friendly and Vegan, please visit our website at the dedicated webpage. In this blog article at the following link, we covered why you should choose BIORIUS for your certifications. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that before selling a cosmetic product in Europe and in the UK, certain elements are required, which have been outlined in the following article.

BIORIUS can assist you from start to finish with all these processes, do not hesitate to contact us for more information, we’re here to help!

Valeria Secco

Business Development Representative


  • Frédéric Lebreux

    Dr. Frédéric Lebreux is Biorius's Chief Executive Officer and has worked in the cosmetic industry for more than 13 years. He is regularly invited as a speaker or Professor to cosmetic events.