BIORIUS as Responsible Person in the EU for your cosmetic products

The regulation CE 1223/2009 imposes that a Responsible Person established within the European Union is linked to each cosmetic product marketed on the European territory.

Being the Responsible Person involves a lot of responsibilities and regulatory activities requiring a certain level of expertise. BIORIUS has this expertise and can therefore fulfil this role on your behalf.

Practically, this means that you will have the possibility to use our name and address on your labels. We would therefore be the reference point the local authorities would contact in case of an inspection or a consumer’s regulatory complaint.

More precisely, as the Responsible Person for your company within the European Union, BIORIUS:

  • Represents and defends your brand vis a vis the authorities.
  • Manages the customer complaints.
  • Performs regulatory monitoring and guarantees the compliance of your product in the future taking into consideration any regulatory changes.
  • Manages any possible undesirable effects of your products.

What about BREXIT?

As from January 31st, 2020, the United Kingdom will no longer be officially part of the European Union. Any company marketing or wishing to market cosmetic products in the UK will therefore need to be linked to a Responsible Person established in this country.

Having subsidiaries within the EU and the UK, BIORIUS is able to propose this legal representation service for the two regions.