Global Formula Review

Formula check for cosmetics

Formula check for cosmetics: BIORIUS developed a large catalog of services dedicated to cosmetic brands. Global Formula Check & Formula Review: This includes a safety and regulatory evaluation of the formula for each and every targeted country. This is a fast and cost-effective solution to guarantee the regulatory potential of a cosmetic formula.

Our Global Formula Check & Global Formula Review services allow a cosmetics brand to review its cosmetic formulae for several regions/countries at once. Our experts in international regulations examine the product identity, the proper registration of its ingredients in relevant legal inventories, and the compliance of each ingredient with relevant regulations, bans, restrictions, purity criteria, etc.

When several countries/regions are targeted, our regulatory experts can often prepare a list of ingredients that simultaneously complies with all relevant pieces of legislation.

Global Formula Check:

The Global Formula Check consists of a rapid regulatory review of the product for the desired region(s).

  • Regulatory assessment of all ingredients





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Global Formula Review:

The Global Formula Review is a more comprehensive option that includes additional verification.

  • Regulatory assessment of all ingredients
  • Safety assessment of all ingredients
  • Creation of the list of ingredients (in the required format for each country)
  • Verification of warnings and directions for use

For some specific countries, the Global Formula Review also includes a check of the raw materials.

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