Certifications have an important place in the cosmetic sector today. Indeed, consumers are more and more demanding and particularly sensitive about the certifications made on products. It shows them that the claims made on the product labels have been evaluated by a third party and are therefore justified. Investing in certification gives your brand a competitive advantage.

BIORIUS provides a service covering different certifications.

Following an evaluation of your product based on some established standards, we will assess if the product can be certified or not. If yes, BIORIUS’ corresponding logo can be added on your product. In case your product cannot be certified, we will outline the modifications needed in order to obtain the certification.

Which certifications based on which standards?

Natural / Organic

As part of these certifications, BIORIUS set up its evaluation criteria based on the norm ISO16128.

We evaluate the raw materials documents. On the basis of this analysis, a percentage of “natural” or “organic” ingredients is determined.

If this percentage is high enough*, BIORIUS delivers a certificate and the corresponding BIORIUS’ logo which can be used on your product labels. 

*Certification criteria:

  • Natural: minimum 90% of natural origin ingredients.
  • Organic:
    • Minimum 90% of the natural ingredients must be issued from organic farming.
    • Minimum 20% of the total ingredient must be issued from organic farming (for leave-on products)
    • For rinse-off, aqueous, non-emulsified products with more than 80% of minerals or mineral origin, the content of organic ingredient must be > 10%.

GMO Free

In order to determine if the certification “GMO Free” can be attributed to your product, BIORIUS evaluates the raw materials documents and contacts their suppliers if needed. Based on this analysis and our experience, the absence of GMO is certified by BIORIUS and the corresponding logo can be used on your product labels.


BIORIUS relies on the Vegan Society standards for the Vegan certification.

Based on these, a product can be certified as « vegan » provided that the four requirements below are met:

  • No ingredients from animal origin
  • No animal testing
  • No GMO involving animal genes or substances of animal origin
  • Respect of good hygiene and preparation standards.

Gluten free

In order to certify the absence of gluten in your product composition, BIORIUS will evaluate the raw materials documents. Based on this assessment and on its experience, BIORIUS will certify that your product does not contain gluten.