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Developing a cosmetic formula is an important step when considering the launch of a new product. At such an early stage of its development, the project is still fragile and requires proper care and wise decisions. This is much like the seed of a giant tree, which must be planted in good soil.

On top of its performance, its cost, its marketing potential, and many other aspects, the formula must comply with the legislation of all targeted countries and regions before it gets placed on the markets. This applies to all cosmetic products regardless of whether it is skincare, makeup, or another category. In addition to the product formula, the product’s toxicological profile and label are also part of the regulatory process.

Achieving regulatory compliance is a must in order to avoid any issues with or penalties from the relevant authorities and to ensure the safety of products for consumer use. It also reassures importers and distributors, which tremendously facilitates the export project. Ensuring compliance in all countries where the cosmetic product is sold is therefore critical.

As specialists in international regulations and cosmetic products, BIORIUS supports cosmetics brands in launching their products in various geographical areas by proposing turnkey solutions in a one-shop-stop perspective.

Global Formula Check & Formula Review

BIORIUS developed a large catalog of services dedicated to cosmetic brands. This includes a safety and regulatory evaluation of the formula for each and every targeted country. This is a fast and cost-effective solution to guarantee the regulatory potential of a cosmetic formula…

Global Label Check & Global Label Review

Likewise, a great deal of attention should be paid to mandatory consumer information and marketing communications. Each country comes with its own legal requirements and a claim totally acceptable in one country may lead to serious compliance issues in another. When the intent is to develop a product with a high internationalization potential, the best approach is probably to align marketing needs and regulatory obligations at an early stage…

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