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Global Cosmetics Compliance

Developing a cosmetic formula is an important step when considering the launch of a new product. The formula must comply with current legislation in the target country or region before it’s introduced to the market. This applies to all cosmetic products regardless of whether it‘s skin care, makeup or another category. In addition to the product formula, the product’s toxicological profile and label are also part of the regulatory process.

Achieving regulatory compliance is a must in order to avoid any issues with or penalties from the relevant authorities and to ensure the safety of products for consumer use. Ensuring compliance in all countries where the cosmetic product is sold is therefore critical.

As specialists in international regulations and cosmetic products, BIORIUS evaluates the cosmetics’ dossiers and supports cosmetics brands in launching their products in various geographical areas.

Global Formula Review & Global Formula Check

BIORIUS has developed a useful portfolio for cosmetic products, including an expert assessment sheet certifying the cosmetic’s formula and compliance to ensure the acceptance of the product in specific countries.

Our Global Formula Check & Global Formula Review services allow a cosmetics brand to review its formulation for several regions/countries at once. Our experts in international regulations examine the product identity, including the various criteria that need to be considered, thus enabling global compliance of your cosmetics brand.

While the global formula check consists of a regulatory review of the product for the desired region(s), the global formula review also includes the following elements:

Global Formula Review:

  • Regulatory check
  • Toxicological check
  • Creation of the INCI list (in the required format for each country)
  • Warnings
  • Directions for use

An additional verification of the raw materials is included for the countries below:

  • China
  • Japan 
  • South Korea

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