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clean certification for cosmetics

Cosmetics clean certification

How can clean cosmetic brands substantiate environmental claims What we call “clean beauty” has been a major trend for these past few years, and the…

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GMO-free Certification for Cosmetics

As an internationally recognized certifier, Biorius offers a GMO-free certification following the EC 2011/18 regulation. Our certifications are valid worldwide and are provided by an honest and qualified compliance specialist.

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Cosmetics Packaging Adaptation in International Marketing

The success of your cosmetics’ exportation Local legislation is the first parameter to consider when commercializing a cosmetic on a new market. If adapting products…

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Modernisation de la Réglementation des Cosmétiques (MoCRA) aux USA

The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on the EU/UK Cosmetic Markets:

Emergence of New Opportunities in the Cosmetic Sector We all know it. The COVID-19 crisis had, and still has today, a dramatic impact on the…

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Why Choose BIORIUS for your Cosmetic Certifications?

Impact of a Cosmetic Certification on the Purchasing Decision Seeking the perfect cosmetics and ingredients has become an important part of everyone’s routine. Is it…

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