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I hope to take you on a journey around the world with this article.

Together we’ll look at some of the most influential beauty trends in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, and Korea. Let’s look at the various different types of ‘beauty’ standards, skincare routines and which are the most popular and most sought after products.

As a gentle reminder, and before I continue, let’s also not forget that before exporting to aforementioned countries (and any other countries), we suggest that you rely on an honest and competent consultant who can provide adequate regulatory support. Biorius is here to help you, don’t hesitate to contact us!


We have already discussed the significant growth of A-Beauty in our article “The Australian Cosmetics Market“. We know that this phenomenon is a global trend inspired by the lifestyle of Australians; who embrace natural beauty through simple and effective routines.

In Australia, the approach to beauty follows the mantra ‘Less is more‘. Glowing skin and barely-there make-up are the staples of everyday A-Beauty. The emphasis is on the use of a few simple but effective products.

We are mainly talking about skincare and sun care products, make-up with SPF and multi-tasking products, preferring minimal, natural, green, and vegan formulas preferably formulated with 100% Australian origin ingredients.


New Zealand, also known as Aotearoa in the Māori language, is mostly known for its beautiful landscapes, Māori culture and for having some of the best beauty brands in the world!

These brands follow the green, clean, and sustainable style of the inhabitants of this island state in Oceania.

These brands follow the green, clean, and sustainable style of the inhabitants of this island state in Oceania.

Their favourite beauty products are simple, multifunctional, and highly effective. Like the Australians, the New Zealanders also focus on a more minimalist and sustainable approach to skincare, using fewer but more effective products, containing higher concentrations of high-end ingredients.

Animals and the environment are highly regarded in New Zealand, which is why the cosmetic formulas are predominantly sustainable, natural, and vegan.

Another value emphasized by many NZ cosmetics brands is inclusivity: beauty has no ethnicity, gender or age.


Despite the importance of the Italian cosmetics market worldwide, there is still no global trend that we can easily define as ‘I-Beauty‘.

The Bel Paese ranks 4th at European level in the podium of the cosmetics and personal care market. Please read our article entitled MADE IN ITALY VS IMPORTED IN ITALY – 2020/2021 for more info. The products that Italy imports and exports the most are skincare products.

The most recent data shows significant growth in anti-ageing products such as creams, masks, and anti-wrinkle gels. Italy is a country where the peak of the average age level is between 46 and 56, which is why cosmetic brands are increasingly turning to anti-ageing products.

Another very important trend in Italy, but which we also experience in many other countries, is the growth of natural and sustainable products, which amounts to more than EUR 1.8 billion, (16%) of the total turnover of the cosmetics industry in Italy in 2021.


How important the Japanese cosmetics market is and how J-Beauty is gaining a foothold worldwide has already been covered in our article “How to sell cosmetics in Japan and comply with local regulations”, but let’s summarise it together.

J-Beauty favours high-quality formulas backed by science and routines inspired by centuries-old Japanese rituals and ceremonies. Their dedication to skin care is commendable and an important part of the day is dedicated to it. The result of which is the pale, blemish-free skin of Japanese women and men. How to get it? Simple: sunscreens, anti-ageing products from a young age and little make-up.

In fact, we know that Japanese people prefer to take care of the texture and quality of their skin rather than hide imperfections with make-up. Moreover, they are forward-looking: focusing on quality and long-term effects is their credo.


K-Beauty refers to all skincare products from South Korea.

Our article “WHAT ARE THE KEY SUCCESS FACTORS OF K-BEAUTY?” takes a look at the main characteristics of this phenomenon, which, for some of us, has now become part of our daily routine.

K-Beauty is renowned for its elaborate skin care routines consisting of many steps. It favours the use of high-quality products with ingredients of natural origin and eco-friendly packaging, all at a very low cost!

K-Beauty has also been one of the pioneers in customised and personalised products, always with the playfulness and cheerfulness of this trend.


This is with regard to the most influential beauty trends in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Japan and Korea.

You should always remember that before exporting our cosmetic products to these countries, it is important to carry out a regulatory study to demonstrate compliance with the regulations in force. I invite you to find in detail the regulatory support services offered by Biorius.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

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