Cosme week Tokyo and Osaka

Our participation to Cosme Week Tokyo and Osaka 2022/2023

Cosmetics trade fairs in Japan

BIORIUS has Belgian roots but truly is an international company at heart. Participation to COSME WEEK TOKYO/OSAKA, American management school, offices in Belgium, France and London, global team of more than 10 nationalities and clients scattered around the globe, our ability to adapt to different cultures and to help cosmetics actors to comply with more than 60 countries’ regulations shapes our consultant identity.

Our status of European leader in cosmetics regulations pushes us to meet our excellent reputation in the field, by directly meeting our clients in their home country or at the occasion of international trade fares. We organized for instance an exclusive reception event in Singapore in 2022 and participated to K-Beauty Expo 2022 where the CEO of BIORIUS Frédéric Lebreux held a seminar on EU regulations.  

More recently, BIORIUS was chosen to be part of the Belgian Economic Delegation to Japan in December 2022. Many of our clients are located in Japan, where a dynamic and competitive national cosmetics market pushes brands to export to Asia and beyond. To keep ourselves updated on Japanese cosmetic trends and to get new opportunities, we are regularly holding our own booth at Cosme Week Tokyo and Cosme Week Osaka, the biggest cosmetics event in the country.

While our Japanese clients and our international customers’ Japanese branch can discuss with us about their current regulatory challenges, our team is able to discover new potentials who need our expertise in global compliance, substances, Medical Devices, usual products(candles, aromatherapy, objects, room fragrances…) and cosmetics certifications. Even if we are situated in the European Union, our CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) can assist you in Japanese, Korean, Greek, French, …

Rather you are a marketing or a sales director, a toxicologist or a brand owner, working with BIORIUS has a lot of advantages:

  • Fasten the putting on the market of your cosmetics
  • Protect your brand from legal threats
  • Back your claims and consolidate your marketing strategy
  • Alleviate your regulatory burden and save you time

Emma Varnier

Business Development Representative


  • Frédéric Lebreux

    Dr. Frédéric Lebreux is Biorius's Chief Executive Officer and has worked in the cosmetic industry for more than 13 years. He is regularly invited as a speaker or Professor to cosmetic events.