Cosmetic Business Trends 2022 (Part 2 )

The Cosmetics Industry in 2022

As you surely already noticed, the cosmetic industry is continuously changing or evolving… and it’s changing a lot and regularly! The cosmetic industry is a bit like a butterfly before coming out of the chrysalis… it’s always transforming and evolving!

Eco-Friendly Cosmetics

More and more consumers now want to have more natural, organic, sustainable, green, eco-friendly, … cosmetic products (which is also the case in a lot of various industries and very much in the spirit of the times).

Homemade Cosmetics

Consumers nowadays even want to test their skills on some homemade cosmetic products to know precisely what is in their product and how it was made. Some consumers sometimes even start selling their creations (because their products are so close to natural). Although everybody can make homemade cosmetic products for them, their family, and their friends, we would clearly not recommend starting selling these creations without being totally compliant and regulatory. The fines in some countries are indeed extraordinarily high !

E-Commerce & Compliance

More and more products are now sold online through e-commerce (by official cosmetic companies) without paying attention to all the various cosmetic regulations in various countries. Which means they are not always totally compliant and regulatory for some countries in which their products are being sold! And we will say the following, therefore: mistake… BIG mistake! The fines in some countries are indeed extremely high and can put some important cosmetic companies on their knees. We can only recommend the following: check (and even double-check!) that all your cosmetic products are totally compliant and regulatory in every country in which they are sold!

Cosmetic Products Changes

Another new trend of the cosmetic industry is that the aspects of the cosmetic products are also changing more and more to a new state (solid state for example). And this is also still done to avoid any unnecessary products or plastic containers… just to make it better than before! Another ecofriendly matter to avoid any unnecessary wastes.

Testing of Cosmetics by the Customers

A lot of consumers (or should we call them hardcore fans?) are now also testing a lot of different cosmetic products with a lot of different techniques and combinations. We would even dare to say that they are becoming artists of the cosmetic industry and are very happy to share their tips and tricks following their discoveries based on their adventures.

Online Tools

Some cosmetic companies even created online tools (or software) to test some cosmetic products online through virtual reality and to immediately see the results on yourself and to see if the make-up suits you.

Like I said before: the cosmetic industry is evolving a lot and the examples here are only a few examples of all the changes that the cosmetic industry is facing daily!

And Biorius is of course really looking forward to all these changes and is very excited to see what the future holds in the cosmetic industry. We will of course be ready for it… whatever happens!

Nicolas Lenaers

Business Development Representative


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