Cosmoprof and Cosmotalks Asia 2022

COSMOPROF & COSMOTALKS ASIA 2022: Biorius thanks you all!

It was a pleasure to be back after three long years!

Cosmoprof and Cosmotalks Asia 2022.

Dear clients and future clients, colleagues, and new brands,

a giant thanks to all of you who participated to our lecture at CosmoTalks, that took place during Cosmoprof and Cosmopack Asia 2022. It was amazing!

The seminar held by our CEO, Dr. Frédéric Lebreux focused on the new regulations on ingredient safety and sustainability in Europe was a success. Many others to come!

Few words about COSMOTALKS ASIA 2022

To briefly sum up, during the seminar we discussed about:

  • Brief updates about new regulations
  • Introduction of 4 priorities of new regulations

The 4 main priorities (possible increase the scope of ingredients’ automatic ban, modification of safety assessments, revision of the definition of nanomaterial, and how specific information must be provided on the product label) have been discussed and advice have been given.

  • OMNIBUS regulation, have a look at our blog article for more information.
  • Nano regulation
  • Silica

Silica could be subjected to future changes in the EU regulation.

  • Microplastic

Do you know exactly what is the definition of microplastic in the REACH regulation? And do you already know how much is the amount allowed in cosmetics?

  • New regulations of sustainability: chemical strategy and green washing

We were pleased to have provided more information on what is “green” and what is meant concerning “greenwashing”.

Last, but not least, tips have been given to avoid greenwashing problems and we also discussed the European Green Deal and the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability.

As always, we did our best to unwind complex and technical topics with a touch of humor!

Few words about BIORIUS…

For those of you who might not be familiar with who we are and what we do…

Biorius is a consultancy group for Cosmetics, REACh and Medical Device.

We constantly help brands being compliant with regulations in the markets they want to sell in: the main goal is to get products safe and compliant in a timely manner. We offer a full support for all the regulatory challenges all brand faces every day, always respecting the balance between marketing and regulatory needs.

Our core business is EU/UK regulatory service: we provide a complete support, from Formula Review, PIF, CPSR, Label Review to EU/UK Responsible Person, for which we are known worldwide with 14+ years of expertise.

Please contact us if you would like to get the slides of the lecture at!


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