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Sittidej Somprakit

Marketing Manager, Bts Spaceship, Thailand

We are incredibly grateful for the exceptional service provided by Biorius. Their expertise in EU & UK cosmetics regulations has been invaluable in helping us navigate the complex certification process. With their guidance, our Thai-manufactured product received certification swiftly, ensuring a smooth market entry. The prompt assistance and frequent consulting calls truly demonstrate their commitment to customer success. Biorius is a trusted partner in delivering regulatory excellence!

Lissy Alvaran

Product Development, ELLUS & KRUE

BIORIUS has been instrumental in helping us navigate the very complicated world of international cosmetic compliance. They have very clear processes and excellent communication along the way. Whenever we deal with BIORIUS we know we are getting the correct information and best advice. We look forward to growing our portfolio with BIORIUS. 

Helena Weir

Finance and Operations Lead, Antipodes

We would like to thank BIORIUS for all of the advice we have received over the last year. We would only ever go to Biorius for our regulatory queries. Biorius have always been able to provide great advice/ reviews in a timely manner, ranging from small queries to larger projects. We are looking forward to growing our relationship and partnership with Biorius in the future!

Emily Manatan


Biorius has been instrumental to our growth globally. Biorius worked with our unique business model to create a truly innovative solution for us. Not only are the people at Biorius responsive, forward-thinking, and informative, but they’re also wonderful to work with.

Andy Peitz


Biorius provides best-in-class service and regulatory expertise while bringing each product to market. The team’s attention to detail and easy-to-use online portal makes the process smooth and efficient. I look forward to partnering with Biorius for our next product launch!

Stephanie Muni


Biorius started as our RP for 1 brand, through the incredible partnership they offered, we decided to move our entire portfolio over to them. They have gone above and beyond on multiple occasions to work with our team, have flexibility, and provide real, true, easy to understand expertise on everything Personal Care. They provide simple clear guidances for new regulations, real-time answers to our incredibly nuanced questions, and help us navigate those tricky grey areas that allow us to remain competitive in the market. They are true partners and having them as our RP has made my job easier, my understanding of EU regulations better, and continues to impress our Executive Leadership on their execution of a wide array of global insights.

Sibel Tüzün


BIORIUS represents Dalan Kimya as a Responsible Person, giving regulatory support to be sure of launching Dalan products seamlessly into the market. It is a trustworthy partner which always serves its expertise immediately and communicates with competent authority on time. BIORIUS is a dependable and up-to-date company which is the most important item as an RP for collaboration. As a result, its counseling is reliable. We are pleased to work with BIORIUS, thanks for our partnership

Jillian Procopio


BIORIUS is prompt, thorough, and pleasant to work with. We are appreciative of attention to detail as well as transparency of the regulatory process. BIORIUS has been a reliable partner and we look forward to continuing our work together.

Roxana Ghavamian


I’ve been working with BIORIUS for several years through different companies and at different stages of my career. Not only does BIORIUS offer excellent assistance with registrations, their representatives are also always readily available and happy to answer any questions. Additionally, they are quick to inform us of any changes and updates to the regulations. It’s truly a pleasure working with the BIORIUS team!

John Wochner


We were introduced to BIORIUS years ago when we first began exploring the best options for helping the brands we manufacture for gain access to the EU market. Years later Biorius is still our best choice for EU assessments and registrations. Their professional staff has been an essential source of information for us and they are always willing to educate us on the necessary requirements. The online portal system is easily the best way for manufacturers such as ourselves to manage the process for our clients, I definitely recommend taking advantage of this feature. We’ve enjoyed the working relationship with BIORIUS and will continue to make them our first choice for our clients.

Ted Ebel


I just want to thank you all so much for the very rigorous, but thoughtful and supportive process.  I’m very impressed by the rigor of your approach and equally reassured that we have the right Responsible Party in Europe.  Thank you very much!  This is important for us.

Russel de la Mare


We’ve had the pleasure of working with BIORIUS since their inception and have never found reason to seek alternative services. Their service is attentive and timely, the online platform grows to better suit customers’ needs. They are also proactive and well networked with regards to industry alertness, which they communicate through focused Information Letters, alerts in coordination with ICMAD and even on the fly- if a topic comes up which affects an ongoing assessment, ensuring that the product is both as safe as can be and also market-ready for the foreseeable future. We’ve found them to be open to discuss delicate issues to reach solutions that work well for all, so much so that we’ve integrated these solutions into our internal processes.

Alison Mcclellan


We have found BIORIUS to be a valuable and trusted partner in expanding our European markets. Of course, BIORIUS assess and notify cosmetic products through the cosmetic portal. In addition to this, BIORIUS is patient in providing clear answers to our many regulatory queries and have been helpful in directing us to further partners to assist us in bringing additional types of products to market in Europe.


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