Our toxicologists are experts in the cosmetics industry and can ensure the safety of end products and ingredients.

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Safety Assessments

BIORIUS can perform safety assessments of cosmetic ingredients including peptides, raw materials, and end products (tests, strategies, worldwide regulatory compliance).

Our toxicologists use scientific literature, toxicological databases and in silico toxicological approaches to identify and quantify risks to human health for a number of cosmetic ingredients, raw materials, and end products. As such, our portfolio of assessed cosmetic ingredients includes traditional, chemically-defined substances, bioactive peptides and metabolites. Raw materials evaluated include complex materials with natural extracts. The breadth of the end products that can be evaluated is not limited to cosmetics; they include, but are not limited to, baby diapers and contact materials. BIORIUS also has experience in evaluating food supplements and can also perform safety assessments for fragrances.

Proposition 65

In the United States, and more precisely in the state of California, Proposition 65 drives decision making regarding product development. However, many substances on the list do not have a derived “safe harbor level”. BIORIUS has the expertise to derive safe harbor levels by using the same methodology as the OEHHA.


Evaluating the safety of a final cosmetic product does not end with CPNP notification. We offer a full package cosmetovigilance to monitor complaints and recommendations for reformulations, if necessary. Our team manages the entire process, from complaints/undesirable effects notifications and contacting consumers to causality assessments.

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