Russell De La Mare

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Biorius since their inception and have never found reason to seek alternative service in over 10 years. Their service is attentive and timely, we’ve even enjoyed watching the online platform grow to better suit customers’ needs, a testament to their responsiveness.

They are also highly proactive and well networked with regards to industry alertness, which they communicate through focused Information Letters, alerts in coordination with ICMAD and even on the fly- if a topic comes up which affects an ongoing assessment, ensuring that the product is both as safe as can be and also market-ready for the foreseeable future.

We’ve found them to be open to discuss and hash out delicate issues to reach solutions that work well for all, so much so that we’ve integrated these solutions into our internal processes.

We deeply value their dual professional expertise and friendly manner, as well as willingness to accommodate our needs in EU and beyond, which has led us to expand the relationship over time, from solely safety assessor to RP, toxicologist and more.