Cosmetic Products & REACH Regulation

Since May 31st, 2008, the European REACH regulation (CE 1907/2006) applies to all chemical substances produced or used within the European Union. Concretely, it means that only the substances registered under the REACH regulation by the manufacturer are authorized in the cosmetic products intended to be sold on the European market.

The REACH regulation has a real impact on the cosmetic brands as the trade of the cosmetic products whose traceability REACH is not assured can be refused. BIORIUS is supporting cosmetic companies to check the status of the chemical substances and cosmetic products in order to ensure their conformity with the REACH regulation.

How do we proceed?

BIORIUS helps you to identify all the substances contained within your cosmetic products and, for each of them, checks if they have been registered according to the REACH regulation.

BIORIUS then evaluates your raw materials portfolio and determines precisely which are the substances compliant with the REACH regulation and which are not. Where possible, a compliance certificate is delivered for each cosmetic product. When this type of certificate cannot be delivered, a complete report containing recommendations in order to correct the situation is provided instead.