You are a cosmetic products dealer? We have designed a program especially for you.

The dealers’ and importers’ responsibilities regarding the cosmetic products they are marketing are not negligible and are even, in some cases, similar to the duties of the Responsible Person.

BIORIUS can help you with these responsibilities thanks to its program designed for distributors. 

What is this program about?


For the cosmetic brands designating BIORIUS as their Responsible Person, we are providing a written mandate releasing the responsibility of the dealer made by the regulation.


As a dealer/importer, you are facing numerous regulatory duties. BIORIUS is taking care of these for you.

Indeed, BIORIUS takes over the cosmetovigilance providing you with a complete support in case of undesirable effects. We are also supporting you with the exchanges with the authorities and the other duties that are mandated by the regulation.

BIORIUS Knowledge

In addition, we have developed a strategic information program across which BIORIUS engages to keep you informed of the latest regulatory news with Webinars or regulatory consultancy. This service also contains a detailed report with the impact of a new regulation on a portfolio.