How does the program work?

BIORIUS has developed specific eligibility criteria in order to determine which contract manufacturers may join this program. BIORIUS evaluates companies in the context of its activities and propose them to initiate the program in case the eligibility criteria are met. There are some eligibility criteria grouped into four categories:

  • Trust relationship between the contract manufacturer and BIORIUS
  • Ability to provide BIORIUS with suitable regulatory documents
  • Responsiveness of the contract manufacturer
  • Regulatory competences of the contract manufacturer

The evaluation is performed at a given time and based on the information collected by BIORIUS. A contract manufacturer that does not meet the eligibility criteria reported below is encouraged to provide new pieces of information that could change BIORIUS’ conclusions. The unsuccessful company is invited to improve its processes and submit a new application as quickly as six months after receiving the final conclusions of BIORIUS’ first evaluation. 

The manufacturers meeting the eligibility criteria can integrate BIORIUS Friendly Manufacturers’ program and will then be recommended to our clients and presented on our website as a performing manufacturer.

In a view to promote continuous improvement and ensure a long-term trust relationship with its partners, BIORIUS will re-evaluates program members every other year.

Join the program!

BIORIUS evaluates the Contract Manufacturers with whom it works on a daily basis. However, Contract Manufacturers not yet working with BIORIUS are invited to submit their candidatures spontaneously in case they are interested in this program.