Ban of 3-Benzylidene Camphor

The European Commission published a new amendment of the Cosmetics Regulation (EU No 2015/1298) to ban the use of 3-Benzylidene Camphor in cosmetic products.

Until now 3-Benzylidene Camphor was considered as a safe UV filter, allowed at maximum 2% in Annex VI of the Cosmetics Regulation.
However, and after being reevaluated by the SCCS in 2013, this ingredient is now regarded as unsafe for several reasons and the EU Commission took the decision to ban the ingredient. As a consequence, 3-Benzylidene Camphor has been delisted from Annex VI.

The application of that ban is deferred of 6 months to allow the Industry to make the necessary adjustments to product formulations. This meansthat only compliant products shall be placed and made available on the Union market by February 18th, 2016.

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