Customer Approach

Customer Approach

Our approach is truly specific within our niche market, and we bet that the way we work with our customers – ‘partners’ is probably a better word – partly explains the success of Biorius. Our methodology, based on our corporate values, revolves around two elements: a sense of consultancy approach, and our taste for perfectionism.

We are not kidding with this: At Biorius, we are genuinely proud to be consultants! In many regulatory compliance companies, you will be handled by office clerks (if not police officers!), who will give you the whole rundown of how life works in a rather top-down way, when not completely coercive and condescending style. Nothing looks worse to us, and our mission is to help you place your products on the market as easily and quickly as technically possible.

  • Cooperative: Being a consultant means guiding you and supporting you in a way that you take the right decision for your company. When we are not aligned on something, being a consultant means empowering you and not trying to force you.
  • Open to new solutions: Acting as a consultant means being solution-oriented before everything else. We are not public officers concluding by a binary “compliant or not compliant” that blocks products, we are experts taking initiatives and able to think out of the box, who help you make your projects come true.
  • Passionate about investigation: One cannot know everything… but research is always possible, and we like it! We will never trust our intuition blindly, but investigate in the legislation, the scientific literature, etc. whenever we do not have the answer.
  • Responsive: In a premium logic, you receive the support of a dedicated Account Manager, who assists you in any way for the starting and the right execution of your projects. People at Biorius filling this position are especially empathetic and responsive people. They bend over backwards for you, they do it fast, and they do it with the smile!

Perfectionism is another key-value at Biorius. We made our reputation on jobs well done, confidentiality well handled, and careful project management. Perfectionism is a matter of developing strong expertise in our specific domains, it is also being accurate, which – at Biorius – means pragmatics, but without cutting the corners.

Perfectionism is about substance, but it is also about style and being able to clearly communicate our positions. Finally, fulfilling our commitments by paying attention to the deadlines and providing flawless post-sales support is as key to us as everything else.

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