Accelerating Safe Growth of Brands

We believe that consumer products companies grow safely and durably once the compliance of their activities is under control. Today, the success of a brand is measured by its exposure to lawsuits, in-market controls, and compliance risks throughout the entire supply chain. As a company develops its activities, regulatory threats increase exponentially and lead to business uncertainties that damage both its profitability and its reputational capital.


Dreams Creators, Dreams Protectors


Not so long ago, consumer products legislation was weak and permissive, in the EU and anywhere else. People and environmental protection were mainly up to companies and trade associations. Self-regulation excellence was uneven within the industry.

Science advances, times change, and by learning, companies develop higher values and adopt stricter corporate rules. Similarly, public authorities become more assertive and knowledgeable, and citizens more aware of their rights. Today, compliance leads the way and creates a new paradigm of growth. A paradigm safer for everyone, more sustainable, reducing humanity’s environmental footprint, and respecting consumers’ rights.

This is not an easy job, but our ambition is to help organizations and their leaders make it a reality. Our DNA results from the smart blend of enhanced and dedicated regulatory intelligence, modern IT solutions, and true interest for Biorius’ clients. Our proactive approach, based on actual listening to customers’ needs, thorough investigation paying little attention to intuition, and genuine agility, allows companies to move faster than ever.


Degrees Can Be Important, Professional Experience Only Helps… but Attitude Is Everything


As of today, Biorius is made of four offices: Wavre (Headquarters, Belgium), Saint-Malo (France), Toulouse (France) and London (United Kingdom) … and there is no doubt to have about our ambition to expand over time to better support our customers.

Though, our company is designed to operate as one – a single place united by a strong set of values, including a deep commitment to protection. Protecting the people from unsafe and non-compliant products, but also protecting our customers, our team, and the environment.



  • Concretely, our corporate values lead to an impact on how we work with our customers. Please, learn more about our customer approach.


  • You dream about joining the Biorius team? We are looking forward to it! Check how our corporate values are lived internally and how it translates to our team management.

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