Recommended Manufacturers

Recommended Manufacturers

BIORIUS’ Manufacturer Selection

The selection of a manufacturer is an important cosmetic brand decision for the development of its products. Often, the success or failure of the entire project depends on this choice.

BIORIUS is willing to support its clients by proposing the best manufacturers identified through its “Preferred Manufacturer’s Program”. The proposed companies proved to be robust, reliable, and helpful in the long term.

The goal of this initiative is to support competent, cooperative, and responsive contract manufacturers to our clients.

The Advantage to Choose the Right Manufacturer

Manufacturers play a key role in ensuring the compliance of cosmetic products. Having a responsible manufacturer decrease considerably the cost and the risk of non-compliance and others risks linked to the supply chain.

However, some manufacturers are better than others. It might not surprise you to learn that some contract manufacturers are better equipped than others for dealing with this challenging work.

Ready to Begin a Sustainable Partnership With one of our Preferred Manufacturers?

Biorius continuously assesses the contract manufacturers to promote continuous improvement and to ensure a long-term relationship with its partners.

Do you want to choose a high-quality manufacturer and decrease your compliance risks?
See below the preferred manufacturers according to the region.

BIORIUS’ Recommendations for America

Hair, Skin & Body Products

Personal Care Products

Hair and Beauty Products

Hair and Skin Care Product

Product Safety and Compliance Testing

Cosmetic Products

Beauty, Personal Care & Household Cleaning Products

Spray Innovation for Cosmetic Products & Medical Devices

Personal Care Products

Beauty and Personal Care Products

BIORIUS’ Recommendations for Europe

Colors Creation for Cosmetics

Make-Up Products