Free Sales Certificate

Explore International Cosmetic Markets with the Free Sales Certificate (FSC)

Increase your business results and conquer international markets by exporting your cosmetic products thanks to our Free Sales Certificate service.

More than 60 countries (outside of the European Union) require FSC before authorizing the export of a cosmetic product on their territory. Important markets such as China, Russia, and South Korea require this certificate.

BIORIUS takes care of every step (application, management of technical audits, legalizations, administrative follow-up, and delivery of FSC) required by this process. We make a lengthy procedure fast and easy.

How can you obtain the FSC?

The FSC is a guarantee that your cosmetic product exported is safe and compliant with the European Cosmetics Regulation (EC No1223/2009). To ensure the protection and the well-being of consumers, a lot of countries require this certificate since the European Cosmetics Regulation is the most demanding one in the world.

Being a specialist of cosmetics legislation for more than 12 years, BIORIUS manages on your behalf all the steps needed for having access to the Free Sales Certificate.

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Contact your regulatory expert, BIORIUS, to explore new opportunities worldwide. We have all the tools needed to help you reach 60+ countries with your cosmetics products. Do not hesitate to contact your dedicated Account Manager or your Sales Representative to have access to this service.


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