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EU & UK Cosmetics regulation: We have been helping thousands of clients to sell cosmetic products quickly and safely in the EU and the UK (and in more than 60 countries) by delivering best-in-class regulatory, toxicology and certification services


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Cosmetics Regulation

Biorius provides a fast and reliable solution that go from A to Z for brands, manufacturers and importers to comply with the European Cosmetics Regulation (EC No 1223/2009) and the British Cosmetics Products Enforcement Regulations 2013 (UK CR).

Our Compliance Services

EU & UK Cosmetics regulation

Formula Review

CPSR part A&B
(Safety Assessment)

Label and claims review

PIF preparation
(Product Information File)

CPNP & SCPN Notifications


Legal Representation

The Responsible Person (RP) is in charge of ensuring that cosmetic products marketed in the EU/UK comply with applicable regulations on an ongoing basis and acts as point of contact with local authorities during inspections, and with consumers in case of issues.

Many of the world’s leading brands have chosen to rely on Biorius
for this role, both within the EU and UK.

Represents & defends your brand to the local authorities

Assists your cosmetic brand with any legal question

Manages customer complaints if and when they arise

Regulatory monitoring of ongoing compliance your products

Manages any undesirable effects from your products

Ensures your Product Information File is up to date

Worldwide Cosmetics Compliance

With Biorius, your global business success is supported by international legislation experts. We offer registration solutions for access to more than 60 highly promising markets.





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Our Cosmetics Certifications

Our certifications are well recognized in the cosmetics industry, valid worldwide and do not have to be renewed.  They have been developed by our team of scientists, toxicologists and regulatory experts.

Our logos can be added to your website and packaging labels to boost your marketing and inform consumers with honesty and transparency.

Why Biorius?

BIORIUS assists thousands of cosmetics brands with the evaluation of ingredients and ensures regulatory compliance of their end products.

For over 15 years, BIORIUS has been supporting and helping cosmetics companies navigate the various regulatory challenges that can arise when placing a product on the market.  Thanks to our team’s regulatory and toxicological expertise.


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