You sell food

A complex regulatory framework, but not for Biorius!

Although harmonized pieces of legislation exist in the European Union to regulate food, many national provisions may have to be observed on the product’s composition.

Biorius’ team has a great expertise and a significant experience of the full regulatory framework, which includes the specificities of each country. This know-how is key to provide our clients with a high-quality service and an excellent support in the development of their projects.

In this complex world, at least one thing is certain: Biorius will always find scientific and regulatory solutions to accommodate your needs and help you place your products on the market!

You said confidentiality?

Indeed, Biorius is reputed worldwide for its ability to manage confidential information. Thanks to strict internal procedures, non-ambiguous Non-Disclosure Agreements and super-secured IT platforms (Cosmos ©, Ingrid © & Medos ©) we guarantee that not a single character of your documents will get lost.

We can prove it and this is why market leaders trust our company.

We help you formulate

Using our expertise in development and innovation, we help you develop your food product according to your specific needs and requirements, while complying with the law.

We study the documentation received by your suppliers

  • we check your product’s safety use and formula conformance,
  • we ensure that all the ingredients present are authorized and comply with the maximum limits allowed by the European regulation and national specificities.

We help you label

In accordance with the applicable regulation, we check:

  • the positioning of the labelling statements and data,
  • the presence of the mandatory statements (allergens, list of ingredients, nutrition table, etc.) ,
  • the presence of voluntary statements (claims, imagery, etc.).

We make sure that the information about the food’s nutrition and health claims present on the label but also on promotional tools is compliant with the formula and the regulation to be applied.

If needed, we establish the scientific file justifying the claims.

We help you notify and register

Some Member States of the European Union require that a fortified food or a food product for particular nutritional use put on the market should be notified or registered at national level.
Biorius has the necessary expertise in order to establish the file or to furnish you all additional data requested by the Authorities.4

We may take this complex process in charge from A to Z.
In parallel, we establish a constructive dialogue with the National Authorities in case of questions and do our best to obtain the agreement at the earliest possible.

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