You are a cosmetic product producer

You must know that three mandatory elements are required before shipping your products to Europe :

We can provide you with just what you need or the full turnkey service covering all three steps !


Within the shortest possible time, we can make your products go through the whole registration process and allow them to be sold in the 28 countries of the EU market as well as is Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.


We proceed in three steps.
First the formula is checked, followed by the label and the product literature and finally, the Product Information File (PIF) is realized. When everything has been reviewed, the product can be notified on the CPNP and placed on the market!

  • STEP 1Formula review

    The composition of your product is being analyzed to ensure that it contains no substance prohibited, that the quantity of ingredients present respects the usage limits set by the regulation and that they comply with the purity criteria laid down by the European Authorities. A toxicological study carried out on each ingredient also proves that the product is safe.

  • STEP 2CPSR & Label review

    Once all the needed documents (MSDS, Certificates of Analysis, raw materials breakdowns, tests results, etc.) are received, the PIF is drafted by the experts. The File contains the Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) and gathers all the literature and tests linked to the product.
    This step is essential: the product is evaluated thoroughly to check that its use is safe and does not present a risk for the consumer.
    Then, your product label is examined to verify that it only contains correct information, complying with the requirements of the legislation.

  • STEP 3Notification on the CPNP

    As soon as your product has been proven to be safe and compliant with the EU Regulatory Framework, it can get notified on the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP). We then provide you with the CPNP certificate, a document containing a unique number attributed to your product by the EU Authorities.


You may now ship your brand to your European success.

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