You are a cosmetic product manufacturer

(who cares about confidentiality and regulations)

Hassle free program
A program to make life easy to cosmetic products manufacturers and their customers!

Manufacturer, this Hassle Free Program could be your program against intellectual property leakage, cumbersome technical exchanges with your customers and costly regulatory obligations!

How does it work?

A cosmetic brand owner comes and buys you one of your cosmetic product.

Everything goes perfect until your new customer requires confidential information about the product and here starts the hassle…

  • With Biorius as your clients’ single point of contact, you take the hassle out of these administrative burdens and eliminate the risk of intellectual property leakage!

Your customer wants to place its new cosmetic product on a specific market?

  1. Provide your sensitive data to our experts on a very confidential basis.
  2. Biorius takes care of the safety and regulatory evaluation, notifies/registers the product and invoices your customer.
  • Your intellectual property is perfectly preserved, your customer is satisfied and the exercise costs nothing to your company!

What can we do for you?

Biorius manages all the scientific & regulatory burdens that your customers should consider in order to comply with the law or strengthen its competitive advantages:

You said confidentiality?

Indeed, Biorius is reputed worldwide for its ability to manage confidential information. Thanks to strict internal procedures, non-ambiguous Non-Disclosure Agreements and super-secured IT platforms (Cosmos ©, Ingrid © and Medos©) we guarantee that not a single character of your documents will get lost. We can prove it and this is why market leaders trust our company.

You are a cosmetic product manufacturer

(who cares about the safety of its ingredients)

Safe Ingredients Program (SIP):
A program to ensure that your ingredients are 100% safe!

Manufacturer, this Safe Ingredients Program could be your program if you want to ensure that all your ingredients are safe!

As a responsible company, you do not want to take any risks on the safety of the ingredients that you use.

Bad surprises are frequent and can lead to huge financial loss and reputation damages.

The safety assessment of ingredients is a complex and costly exercise.

BUT you must innovate to stay competitive and cannot stop trying new ingredients… So, what can you do?

How does it work?

Everyone knows the new principle ‘No data, no market’ introduced by the EU Commission with the REACH Regulation…

Did you think that this ‘reversed burden of proof’ could also apply to your raw materials suppliers?

This is their responsibility to prove the safety of what they sell and Biorius could become the ‘entrance ticket’ of raw materials suppliers in your company!

With Biorius as the single point of contact, you get fully reassured about the safety of your ingredients and know that your raw materials suppliers are trustworthy!

Tempted by a new raw material?

Put the raw material supplier in contact with our team and that’s all!

We take care of the information exchange, evaluate the safety and send you our report.
Based on our recommendations, you then decide whether or not you select the supplier and know how (and how much) to use the raw material of interest.

And that's it!

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