You are a cosmetic distributor

Biorius has designed a Distributor’s Risk Program

Why a Distributor’s Risk Program ?

In Europe, there are two levels of EU responsibilities

The Distributor

Responsible for logistic and technical matters regarding the product being distributed.

The EU Responsible Person

Responsible for testifying that the product is EU registered and EU compliant.

Those roles are clearly defined and yet, when a Distributor directly imports a cosmetic product from a non-European to a European country, the role of Responsible Person is automatically conferred upon him. The Distributor then has to deal directly with Competent Authorities’ technical requests.

Through our program, Distributors have the possibility to delegate this responsibility to Biorius by signing a mandate. That way, any request of the Competent Authorities will directly be sent to our offices!

A plus for the producer

The cosmetic producer who subscribes to this program is insured that confidential information related to the product distributed remains in Biorius’ hands and will never be disclosed to any other party along the supply chain.

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