Change of Responsible Person for cosmetics

To sell cosmetics in Europe or the United Kingdom, an EU or UK Responsible Person (with offices in EU or the UK) is legally mandatory. For cosmetics brands considering a change of their Responsible Person (RP), we will audit the cosmetics. An audit of the existing PIF’s (Product Information File) is always necessary to check (and confirm) that everything is compliant and regulatory: Formula Review, CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report) parts A & B signed by a toxicologist, labels and claim review and complete PIF. Biorius will of course need a PIF (with complete appendixes and in English) to perform an audit.

Why Audit Your Cosmetics Products?

Playing the role of responsible person for cosmetics products comes with huge liabilities and requires extended scientific and regulatory qualifications. Not complying with current regulations may lead to market withdrawals, serious financial penalties, and damages to your brand’s reputation.

In 15 years of experience, BIORIUS reviewed more than 100,000 cosmetic products and developed an expertise that is recognized worldwide. Today, BIORIUS represents more than 500 cosmetic brands by being their Responsible Person in the EU and the UK. It is in BIORIUS‘ DNA to help cosmetic companies place their product on the market without taking any risks. This, every single day of the year. 

The Audit Services of BIORIUS

Before BIORIUS becomes your Responsible Person, our experts will ensure that the data received is compliant with the current regulations. This step is crucial as much for you as for BIORIUS in order to tackle all the regulatory issues that can appear and put your company or your Responsible Person at risk. 

To ensure that the submitted cosmetics are still fully compliant with evolving regulations and keep cosmetic brands on the safe side, this regulatory audit service consists of a comprehensive review of:

  • The product information file
  • The product labels and claims
  • The formula compliance
  • If applicable, the CPNP notification
Change of Responsible Person for cosmetics

To minimize your cost, BIORIUS has set a pragmatic strategy to avoid the systematic audit of the entire product portfolio during the Responsible Person transfer.

Contact us and you will be surprised at how easy is to change your Responsible Person.

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