Distributor’s Program

The responsibilities of distributors as set forth in Article 6 of the EU Cosmetics Regulation (EC No 1223/2009) are not negligible and are even, in some cases, similar to the duties of the Responsible Person.

For example, by law, the compliance check for label translations falls under the responsibility of distributors (Article 6 §2 of EC No 1223/2009). Cosmetics brands must consult with their distributors to check the validity of their label translations, and their distributors are required to provide guidance.

As experts in cosmetics regulatory standards, BIORIUS has designed a program especially for cosmetic product dealers to help them with these responsibilities.

What is this program?

A mandate and BIORIUS takes responsibility for the products you sell in the EU!

A mandate transferring legal representation of a product from an importer/distributor to BIORIUS can be signed for cosmetics brands using BIORIUS as its EU Responsible Person. However, this simple transfer of responsibility does not protect you against all of the regulatory risks and cumbersome procedures. This is why BIORIUS has developed two invaluable services: BIORIUS Shield and BIORIUS Knowledge. BIORIUS Distributors’ Program is a package containing the mandate in addition to these two services.

BIORIUS Shield, the most effective way to protect you against regulatory risks!

In the best interests of all, the signing of a mandate can be linked to the BIORIUS Shield service, whose purpose is to protect the importer/distributor against regulatory risks. BIORIUS Shield contains several features of interest for importers and distributors:


BIORIUS will handle all undesirable effects of its cosmetic brands and provide full support to the importer/distributor as well as to the consumer.


The competent authorities may inspect your points of sale and ask questions about the cosmetic products you’re selling. BIORIUS will handle these questions and provide full support in a timely manner.


Have the competent authorities raised compliance issues regarding a cosmetic product you sell? All products evaluated by BIORIUS are 100% safe and EU compliant and, in most cases, the situation simply needs clarification. BIORIUS will assist you with each regulatory procedure: counter-expertise of analytical tests, redaction of scientific letters and preparation of specific safety assessments, etc. If needed, BIORIUS will also come up with a corrective action plan.


Distributors have the obligation of verifying a number of elements (general conformity of the product, compliance of the product label, etc.). BIORIUS assists you in this verification process and provides you with the statements you need to fulfill your legal obligations.

BIORIUS Knowledge: the best way to learn critical information and stay up-to-date!

Similar to BIORIUS Shield, a transfer of responsibility from the importer to BIORIUS only makes sense if it comes with BIORIUS Knowledge. This program contains the following high-level services:


BIORIUS maintains an entire department specialized in regulatory monitoring. You’ll be regularly informed of the most recent regulatory developments via exclusive webinars and BIORIUS information letters.


BIORIUS offers a series of webinars to train you on cosmetic legislation in the EU and in other countries. These webinars, complemented by personal contacts, will help you properly execute your regulatory duties.


Each time a regulatory development is scheduled, you’ll receive a report informing you which products in your portfolio are impacted by the change. This way, you will always be ready when new legislation is implemented.

Our proposal

As outlined above, the BIORIUS Distributors’ Program includes the mandate (transferring responsibility from the importer/distributor to BIORIUS) in addition to two high-value services: BIORIUS Shield and BIORIUS Knowledge. This is the best guarantee anywhere on the market.

In addition to the great services BIORIUS can provide to you as described above, we offer you a true partnership. Please contact us for more information, and a specialist will gladly tell you more.


BIORIUS guarantees a high level of confidentiality to all its clients. Under no circumstances will sensitive information be communicated to the distributor without the written consent of your cosmetics brand.

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