Cosmetics Certifications

Cosmetics Certifications

In recent years, the cosmetics industry has seen an increase in the number of labels and certificates on products. Having a product certified, however, is about more than just sticking a label on it. It requires a cosmetic brand’s commitment to operate according to meaningful and well-established standards. These standards are crafted by the certifying bodies to include a number of criteria, including legal compliance, consumer expectations, consumer safety, and specific codes of ethics.

Obtaining certification for your product is important because it allows you to share clear and transparent information regarding your product and brand ethics. This helps you gain consumer confidence in your products and increase customer loyalty. In some cases, you may also need to hold one or more certifications in order to access certain markets and attract the attention of specific consumer groups.

To obtain a cosmetic certification for your products, a series of verifications must be carried out by a team of qualified experts to ensure that the certification criteria are properly fulfilled.

Why choose BIORIUS to certify your products?

As a regulatory expert specialized in cosmetic products, BIORIUS helps you highlight the reasons behind your choices while ensuring that your products comply with regulatory requirements in the cosmetics industry. Our certifications are valid worldwide. Furthermore, BIORIUS’ status of an independent third party adds value to your marketing communications that self-certification cannot add. Legitimacy and honesty are absolutely key for gaining consumer confidence.

BIORIUS is not a testing company. Our certifications are based solely on company and product documentation. We certify your products based on specific data that’s clearly defined and requested before beginning the evaluation process. For instance, this data may include (but is not limited to) product formulas, raw materials and manufacturing methods. Upon completion of certification, the BIORIUS certification logo may be displayed on approved products.

Excellent customer experience is fundamental at BIORIUS, and each brand has its own account manager and dedicated expert who will develop in-depth knowledge of your brand and its specificities in order to provide the best possible service. This customized approach allows us to advise you on the most appropriate certifications for your products.

If you’ve already entrusted us with the safety assessment of your products, we already have most of the information necessary to complete your chosen certifications, thus making the certification process especially simple and straightforward.

Cosmetic Certifications

An overview of the certifications BIORIUS can offer you:

Clean Certification

A relatively new trend on the market, BIORIUS Clean Certification is based on a modern and positive worldview that revolves around the concept of consumers committing to doing better to protect people, animals and the planet. This certification has been carefully constructed to be both scientifically robust and fully compliant with all relevant regulatory requirements.

Gluten-Free and Soy-Free Certifications

Designed to protect consumers with celiac disease and other gluten or soy-related disorders, it ensures that products meet strict gluten-free safety standards and/or contain no traces of soy. It’s a relevant and important certification for oral care cosmetics, for example.  

GMO-Free Certification

Confirms the absence of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in the manufacturing of products. BIORIUS adheres to Regulatory Standard EC No 1829/2003 as well as Directive EC No 2001/18 to certify that a product is GMO-free.

Natural and Organic Certifications

Natural and Organic certifications allow consumers looking for natural and authentic products to make well-informed choices about beauty products on store shelves.

Reef-Friendly Certification

Reef-Friendly Certification is great way for a brand and its consumers to show their commitment to helping reduce the alarming rate of coral reef damage.

Vegan Certification

Guarantees that a product is vegan and contains no animal ingredients or animal by-products, uses no animal ingredients or by-products in the manufacturing process and does not conduct testing on animals, concepts which have become increasingly important to people when purchasing their cosmetic products.