Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR)

Introduction to Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) Understanding the requirements for selling cosmetic products in Europe and the UK is crucial for compliance. Our comprehensive…

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Biorius - Your Cosmetic Regulatory Expert

Cosmetics check

A “cosmetics check” is essential for ensuring your cosmetic products are safe, compliant, and market-ready. At Biorius, we guide you through this process meticulously, covering…

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EU Cosmetic Regulations

EU Cosmetic Compliance – Complete Guide

EU cosmetic compliance Embarking on the journey of achieving EU cosmetic compliance can seem like navigating through uncharted waters. However, with the right guidance and…

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Understanding the Role of the Responsible Person (RP) in Cosmetic Regulations

Navigating the complexities of cosmetic regulations in the European Union can be a daunting task for many cosmetic brands. Central to this regulatory landscape is…

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MoCRA labeling requirements

Understanding MoCRA labeling requirements MoCRA Label Requirements: The Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA) 2022 introduces significant changes to cosmetic labeling in the USA, aiming…

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us agent fda cosmetics

US Agent FDA cosmetics

Key Insights for Cosmetic Regulatory Experts US Agent FDA cosmetics: Navigating the highly regulated US cosmetic industry requires a solid understanding of FDA regulations, particularly…

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