Our Values

Why choose BIORIUS?


At BIORIUS, we work hard to deliver the highest quality service for each of our clients by employing highly-qualified, multilingual experts who can advise and guide you through complex procedures. Delivering a qualitative service ensures that you, your brand and your manufacturers will have peace of mind knowing your products are safe.


We like to stay close to our customers and aim to develop a deep and long-lasting professional relationship with them. As our client, you deserve only the best. This is why at BIORIUS, a dedicated Account Manager who manages your products and projects, answers all your questions and guides you through every step of the regulatory process is assigned to each client.

Innovation and continuous improvement

The cosmetics industry is, by nature, in a permanent cycle of innovation. At BIORIUS, we understand this and continuously seek innovative ways to ensure the compliance of your cosmetic products. Innovation is in the DNA of our company, and we invest heavily in order to provide qualitative, timely and expert service on the cutting-edge of technology.


Professional ethics and respect for confidentiality are two major requirements in the cosmetics industry. BIORIUS adheres to its own strict in-house procedures to ensure the security of your data. We’ve designed our own IT tools to ensure the full security and confidential management of this data when dealing with multiple stakeholders during the product launch.

“B green”, our environmental commitment

Caring for the environment is important to us. We are committed to reducing our ecological footprint through internal actions and offsetting it with external actions.
BIORIUS is partnering with the NGO Graine de Vie and is taking part in their social and environmental project in Madagascar.

We know that the smallest action can go a long way in preserving our environment, and planting trees have far-reaching benefits for the ecosystem. Therefore, we have decided to sponsor a project which involves the planting of trees for each new order we receive.

For more information, visit our sustainability page.


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